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If you are using location-based printing, you can resolve this issue by closing and reopening the application's print dialog box. If LockedGuestSize is set to 640x480 on the client machine and you launch a remote desktop in Window - Small mode, the resolution helper tooltip does not appear when you drag the window edge. These release notes cover the following topics: VMware Horizon Client for Windows makes it easy to access your remote desktops and published applications with the best possible user experience on the Local Area Network (LAN) or across a Wide Area Network (WAN). If you connect multiple USB devices to the client system, select Automatically connect at startup in Horizon Client, and then connect, disconnect, and quickly reconnect to a remote desktop, not all of the USB devices are redirected to the remote desktop after you reconnect. However, the printing problem might still occur because the client might use a temporary address, which is not in the specified range. This problem typically occurs when multiple USB devices are connected to the client machine and you select Automatically connect at startup in Horizon Client. If you install Horizon Agent and then install Horizon Client on the same Windows machine (a nested mode installation), and you later uninstall Horizon Agent, the client's "log in as current user" function is lost after Horizon Agent is uninstalled. Horizon Client for Windows 5.5 includes the following new features: Workaround: Relaunch the same desktop pool with RDP from the physical machine, select Options > Disconnect and logoff in the launched RDP session, and then reconnect to the same desktop pool from the zero client.

For example, if you copy the following text, the audit message records the length as 12 bytes: "aaa bbb ccc". Also, if "\r\n" is in the copied text, the event log records only the length of "\r." With the Browser Redirection feature, the context menu options on right click are limited to open link in new tab, open link in new window, back, and forward. On Windows 10, Windows Fax and Scan hangs when using a CardScan 800 device. The printers shown within applications are correct, however. For example, if you copy 10 bytes of data from a remote desktop to the client machine, the event log reports "XXX copy 11 bytes CPFORMAT_TEXT data from Horizon Agent to Horizon Client XXX with clipboard." This issue can occur with desktops provided by Windows Server 2012 RDS hosts. Workaround: Use the location-based printing group policy setting IP Range to include the multiple addresses. This problem also occurs for client-redirected virtual printers. VMware Horizon Client のドキュメント ページでは、Horizon Client のドキュメントを紹介します。Horizon Client を使用すると、デスクトップまたはモバイル デバイスからリモート デスクトップや公開アプリケーションに接続できます。 Virtual printing might not work if you connect to a remote desktop using RDP, open Horizon Client on the remote desktop, launch a nested application session, and then log off and log back in to the desktop. Workaround: See VMware Knowledge Base (KB) article 2003626: Disabling virtual printing (ThinPrint) in VMware Horizon Client for Windows. Workaround: Use third-party software to limit the bandwidth. That is, use PCoIP to connect to the remote desktop and use PCoIP to connect from within the desktop to the nested application.

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