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It’s worth noting, too, that completing the campaign on any difficulty awards a sizable amount of points to spend however you please. Chances are, you’ve already seen everything that the standard difficulty of the Resident Evil 3 remake’s campaign has to offer, but that’s only the beginning. Strong Language, Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, In-Game Purchases, Users Interact, Cheat: Locker Code Combinations from Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil 2 Original Ending Music Easter Egg, Black Friday Video Game Deals Are Live Now, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, Cheats, Secrets, Unlockable Modes and Weapons, Nemesis Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Avoid, 9 Things Resident Evil 3 Doesn't Tell You, Hip Pouch Locations (Inventory Expansion), How to Switch Between Grenade Launcher Ammo Types, How to Switch Grenade Launcher Ammo Rounds, Records - Challenges, Points Earned, and Rewards, Police Station Third Floor Locker Combination, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You, Jill’s S.T.A.R.S. Check out this guide about the Shop in RE3 Remake (Resident Evil 3)!

Use them to farm points and to clear more challenges.

Will not be available in Assisted mode, as this would exceed the maximum inventory capacity. Reportedly Sees Amber Heard As The Victim In He... First Poster Revealed For Tom Holland And Daisy Ridley's Cha... A Beloved Jim Carrey Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today. member Jill Valentine, as she escapes from a crumbling Raccoon City, and the relentless Nemesis. ©CAPCOM CO.,LTD. Excellent across the board, with exceptional accuracy and firepower. Will be placed in the game when purchased. An energy weapon developed by Umbrella based on airborne electrical phenomena.

A tool for cutting chains, cables, and the like. Press away BACK + B (on Xbox One) or BACK + SQUARE (on PlayStation 4) to perform a quick turnaround. A specialized tool which allows a skilled user to unlock simple locks when no key is available. Gather all the fuses in the warehouse within 5 minutes.

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If you miss or refuse to fire at Nikolai you will see a cutscene of him killing Jill with his knife.

Use these combinations -- the same locker combinations in the Police Station from Resident Evil 2 -- to get items early.

A 5.56x45mm assault rifle optimized by U.B.C.S for this operation. Carry two to increase the effect. The Best Horror Movies To Stream This Halloween. You can finish off weapon related records quickly by using this method. Concept Art: Lab Equipment, Model: Drain Deimos. There are several references to Mega Man, another Capcom game series, inserted as Easter eggs in Resident Evil 3. This can significantly improve your following playthroughs as it removes having to worry about managing your resources and ammo. Defeat 120 enemies with a grenade launcher. Doctor Who Season 12x08 "The Haunting Of Villa Diodati" Revi... Star Wars Comic Reveals That Luke Already Fought Boba Fett B... Marvel Comics Reveals How Thanos First Learned About Earth. A small belted pouch, good for carrying more items. Know what items and weapons you should buy, how to earn points, how to unlock it, infinite weapons, & more! *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. This page contains cheats, secrets, Easter eggs, and unlockables for Resident Evil 3's remake on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Read on to learn what actions you need to do in order to unlock the Minimalist in the easiest way. You can access the shop from the Main Menu. Andrew Garfield Reportedly Hesitant To Return As Spider-Man Because Of How Sony Treated Him, Spider-Man’s Parents Will Reportedly Be Revealed To Be [SPOILERS], Donald Trump Refused To Meet With Chris Evans Twice, Watch: Tom Holland Becomes Marty McFly In Back To The Future Fan Trailer, Watch: Nicolas Cage Is On The Hunt In National Treasure 3 Fan Trailer, Watch: The Dark Knight Battles Machines In Batman Vs. Terminator Fan Trailer, Wanda Will Reportedly Be Responsible For Electro Coming Into The MCU, Marvel Reportedly Plans To Make At Least 3 More Deadpool Movies, New Matrix 4 Theory Says Neo’s Return Is Part Of The Oracle’s Plan. Lucky for you, Jill has access to a number of unlockable upgrades that makes both scenarios more manageable, some of which are borderline mandatory for ensuring you make your escape from Raccoon City in one piece. While difficulty is definitely somewhat subjective, this year’s reimagining of yet another beloved survival horror classic has come under fire from fans for being far too easy in the default ‘Normal’ option. Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3 Remake) Wiki Guide, If you have enough points saved, you can just buy infinite ammo weapons, you can use the points that you can earn by completing in-game challenges, to unlock the Shop, you need to finish the game in all its entirety first. A little bit more on the nose is a Ghost ’n Goblins inspired card game called Arthur.

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