open air interface 4

0x0203=0x0000 SCTP_INSTREAMS = 2; For the RF board, there is no relation with the SIM: any RF board can work or not work, independently of the SIM 0x0556=0xA30E [LOADER] library is not loaded: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory DEBUG NAS-EM ir-cn/src/nas/emm/emm_data_ctx.c:0168 ue_id=0x00000001 old GUTI cleared [INFO] [B200] Initialize Radio control… 0x0563=0x0000 0x059D=0x0000 TRACE NAS-EM /openair-cn/src/nas/emm/Attach.c:1003 Entering _emm_attach_identify()

0x05A0=0x5E17 | Current Status| Added since last display| Removed since last display |

pucch_n1_AN = 0; Interface, Inc. is a global commercial flooring company with an integrated collection of carpet tiles and resilient flooring, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and nora® rubber flooring. [SCTP] Successfully sent 158 bytes on stream 1 for assoc_id 35 0x0550=0x0000 0x0294=0x0000 Device opened (VID=0x2500,PID=0x0020) 0x0496=0x4B35

[LIBCONFIG] eNBs.[0].component_carriers. 0x044C=0x0000 0x002E=0x0000 0x02D2=0x0000 [MAC][E][rrc_mac_config_req_eNB] rrc_mac_config_req_eNB() /home/lcrr-032553/openairinterface5g/openair2/LAYER2/MAC/config.c:967 RC.mac[Mod_idP]->if_inst->PHY_config_req:0x56048265e570 discRxPool_ResourceConfig_subframeBitmap_choice_bs_size = 5; 0x0449=0x0000

passthru) and CPU flags are set. 000898 00216:914811 7F7B3F44D700 TRACE MME-AP cn/src/mme_app/mme_app_context.c:1033 Leaving mme_ue_context_update_ue_emm_state() 0x039A=0x48F9 remove_nettle_from_source, $SUDO apt-get install -y nettle-dev nettle-bin Hi Laurent, pbch_repetition = “FALSE”; [PHY] l1_north_init_eNB() RC.eNB[0][0] installing callbacks Yes, there is a parameter clock_src = “gpsdo”; to set in the configuration file, You can check if the parameter is used. [RRC] [FRAME 00000][eNB][MOD 00][RNTI 8244] [RAPROC] Logical Channel UL-DCCH, processing LTE_RRCConnectionSetupComplete from UE (SRB1 Active) 0x0407=0x0000 [HW] Clock source set neither in usrp_args nor on command line, using default!

tr_s_preference = “local_L1”; global_log_level =”info”; 0x0554=0x0000 mme(s6a_init+0x3fe) [0x55c6e8adcac9] [00:00:00.000140] Creating the usrp device with: …

3.Different proportionality constants are used for each channel. [INFO] [B200] Performing register loopback test…
Notifying ULP. } Jul 16 11:12:42 lttrung kernel: [ 3474.471319] usb 2-6: SerialNumber: [xxxxx]

0x0588=0x0000 On Android, the interface … [TMR] Starting itti queue: TASK_FLEXRAN_AGENT as task 24 [SCTP] ———————- 0x0097=0x0000 [PHY] max_I0 24, min_I0 0 E: Package ‘libconfig8-dev’ has no installation candidate. We won’t make any tutorial for the github version of the EPC until the author cleanup the dependencies (openvswitch, multi virtual machines, …), Hello Laurent, 0x0354=0x89B4 0x02D4=0x0317 0x04DD=0x1C72 0x0082=0x800B 000201 00102:557033 7F5322FFD700 DEBUG SPGW-A cn/src/sgw/sgw_context_manager.c:0082 | MME SGW | 0x0089=0x1090 0x03A7=0x4200 001356 00334:528851 7F40DF0B2700 TRACE NAS-EM air-cn/src/nas/emm/msg/emm_msg.c:0420 Leaving emm_msg_encode() (rc=36) B2xx detected… Control of B2xx granted…, Operation complete!

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